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Dedicated Rapport with Carriers

Usage of transportation brokers has expanded greatly in recent years for numerous reasons:

  • An additional sales force – no cost to the carrier until a shipment is moved.
  • Paying of bills – the credit history of the intermediary is established one time, eliminating a credit report on each shipment, which saves your company time and money.
  • Eliminating operational difficulties – the intermediary has an excellent working knowledge of the shipper, and acts as an extension of the carrier if any operational problems should arise, including driver dispatching.
  • An excellent and loyal customer – intermediaries prefer a win-win partnership with a carrier over a long period of time.

Tyrone Transportation is dedicated to establishing a rapport with carriers, and is dedicated to meeting all the above criteria of an ethical business relationship.

Carrier Policy

In the tradition of providing exceptional service to our customers, Tyrone Transportation requires carriers to furnish the following information prior to initial movement of freight:

  • Carrier’s operating authority.
  • Copy of Carrier’s “Certificate of Insurance.” Tyrone Transportation, Inc. listed as certificate holder.
  • Carrier’s FID Number.
  • Carrier’s general information:
    • Complete name and address.
    • Phone numbers.
    • Names of officers.
    • Names of personnel, and titles for operational contacts.
  • Carrier’s equipment information providing the following:
    • Type of equipment.
    • Dimensions of equipment.
    • Traffic lanes desired.
  • Carrier/Broker Agreement executed.
  • Mileage rates are derived from PC*MILER
  • Carrier will be faxed a Load Confirmation and Rate Agreement on each and every transaction which must be executed and returned by fax.
  • Carrier must provide freight bill with the original signed delivery receipt and/or the consignee signed bill of lading.
  • Carrier will be paid within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of carrier’s freight bill and proper attachments. Usually within 18 – 20 days.
  • Carrier’s driver will contact Tyrone Transportation for all dispatch situations.
  • Tyrone Transportation assumes responsibility of timely process of all claims. Tyrone Transportation will assist, if needed, either shipper or carrier in the claims process.

Visit our Contact Form to ask about how to become a carrier for us.