Why Use A Transportation Broker?

In today’s fast-paced market, the ability to utilize time in a cost effective and yielding manner is a goal companies, regardless of sizes, strive to achieve. Tyrone Transportation can help your company reach those goals in the scope of transportation services by becoming an extension of your operations.

The time and opportunity cost for a company to arrange transportation services by themselves on a continued basis makes using a transportation broker the right choice.Tyrone Transportation pools our knowledge of transporting, lists of qualified carriers and other resources to complete the task in a time and cost effective manner.

Enhanced Customer Service

To provide your company with the finest and timeliest possible service it deserves, we strongly request the following information for each shipment.

      • Complete name, shipping and billing address, and phone number of shipper and receiver.
      • Contacts of shipper and receiver.
      • Payer of freight with credit references.
      • Shipping and receiving hours.
      • Commodity and whether hazardous materials are present.
      • Weight and number of pallets.
      • Type of equipment required.
      • Is pallet exchange required?
      • Customer will tender bill of lading
      • Tyrone Transportation assumes responsibility for filing all claims with carrier and will assist in the claims process.

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